3 Coronavirus Healthcare Trends That Are Here To Stay

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, to varying degrees, medical resources have been strained. We have seen shortages of PPE and vital medications, fewer staff to patient ratios for the critically ill, and increased waiting times and cancellations for surgeries. Healthcare industries across the world have had to quickly adapt and make radical changes to processes in order to continue to deliver their services to patients. In this post, we will examine the healthcare trends that have emerged as a result of the pandemic, and consider how they may improve.


Telehealth and Virtual Appointments

The number of patients attending appointments via video call and telephone has increased this year. While this measure was introduced in line with social distancing necessities, it is likely that it will remain beyond the pandemic, with the UK telehealth market anticipated to rise at a 10.4% compound annual growth rate until 2025.

As well as offering the potential for reducing the costs involved in delivering first-point patient services, AI-based triage services and virtual appointments allow patients with reduced mobility, who are immunocompromised or who live in remote areas to access medical appointments more safely and easily. Telehealth services could also see better access to specialists across the entire UK, which could level disparate waiting times in certain areas of the country.


Supply Chain Enhancements

This year has demonstrated the importance of a pro-active and agile pharmaceutical supply chain. Whilst a certain level of forward-planning was already in action to prepare the pharmaceutical supply chain for Brexit, global travel restrictions and social distancing requirements on factory floors have meant that the medical supply chain has, at times, been strained.

Moving forward, weaknesses in the supply chain that have been identified during this pandemic will no doubt be subject to fundamental improvements. This will allow for pharmaceutical distribution to become more efficient and user-centric than ever before. At Clarity, we are continually using our own first-hand knowledge and experience to explore opportunities to improve our supply chains and bring new technologies to the forefront of our operations. We are now offering virtual tours to potential customers, just one small way that we are embracing technology and keeping everyone safe.


Embracing Medtech

Coronavirus brought about a need for enhanced patient care whilst simultaneously limiting interpersonal contact to reduce the spread of the virus. A natural answer to this was exploration of the medtech sector. Drawing on our existing customer and supply-chain base, we have launched Clarity Medtech. During this time, we have partnered with Lifotronic to offer the PneuVest Series airway clearance systems, delivering High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) which has been proven to be more effective than conventional treatments for mucus removal in those with COVID-19.

Existing technology has the power to reduce healthcare costs and improve treatments available to patients, yet much is not in widespread use. A dedication to innovation and further exploration of the medtech sector is vital should we wish to reshape the way support services and value are offered to patients.


The Healthcare Trends of the Future

A clear overarching theme of the healthcare trends we’ve discussed is the increasing use of technology in the healthcare system. Although this trend is not unique, as practically all industries have increased their use of technology this year, the healthcare industry perhaps stands to gain the most from this shift.

Moving forward, we expect to see a shift towards more and more preventative initiatives, including increased use of wearable health devices, positive lifestyle changes and a greater overall awareness of the importance of good health. As well as this, we can expect wider steps to diminish health inequalities and a focus on disease prevention in predisposed demographics.

Embracing technology and using it to enhance every aspect of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, from product development and supply to patient experience and treatment outcomes, gives us hope. These healthcare trends show that the industry, despite the hardships this pandemic has caused, may move forward with renewed vigour and a dedication to deliver the best service possible.


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