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Driven by exceptional people

With over 54 employees across office and warehousing locations in the UK, the Clarity Medtech leadership team has been selected to deliver excellence in commercial consulting services.

Oliver Law

Group Managing Director

Oliver Law has spent the past 18 years in the med-tech sector, starting in sales, then moving into leadership roles. In these roles, Oliver has designed, then delivered a number of business transformation projects in various sizes of company, including corporate, private equity and privately held businesses. Oliver leads Clarity Global Group, our overall holding company for all group businesses, where his predominant focus is defining corporate strategy, market initiatives and culture.

Lesley Capeling

Head of Business Development

“What an invigorating time to join this British based company. We are cultivating a workplace guided by agility, responsiveness, trust, and pride. Clarity MedTech is bringing the most innovative technologies to Healthcare Professionals, advancing the quality of patient care, redefining patient outcomes, whilst delivering great cost efficiencies. I’m looking forward to growing with Clarity.”

Lesley began her career as a nurse and although she has moved into the medical technology industry, the NHS remains her true passion and she believes, with the many new advances Clarity Medtech is bringing to healthcare, that the industry is ultimately remaining patient centric and improving patient outcomes, which means everything to her! The body of Lesley’s employment has been in Wound Care, Continence Care and Ostomy Care, with some Pharmacology along the way. She is delighted to see Clarity MedTech be accepted on the NHS Shared Business Services Framework agreement with its Advanced Wound Care Dressings and innovative Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices; the first opportunity to partner with the NHS and watch the company’s new devices improve patient outcomes.

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