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IoMT: is it the New Face of Traditional Healthcare?
The medical technology (MedTech) industry’s primary function is to provide a comprehensive range o...
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MHealth – What Is The Way Forward In Digitised Mental Healthcare Solutions?
Mental health disorder refers to a complex disorder of the nervous system, often characterised by be...
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A Day in the Life of Jacqui Fletcher, OBE
Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of spending a day with Jacqui Fletcher OBE. Jacqui is Editor ...
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Why Medtech Might Just Be The Emerging Market’s Next Big Thing
Why medtech might just be the emerging market’s next big thing Emerging markets are widely rec...
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Why Medtech Must Adapt To a Changing World
The ability to bring innovative and breakthrough products to the global market is the biggest challe...
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How Virtual MedTech Is Changing The Face Of Traditional Medicine
How virtual MedTech is changing the face of traditional medicine The future of healthcare deliver...
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Why Ageing Is A Prime Opportunity For The Medtech Industry
Ageing populations are a modern phenomenon, and while there are several reasons for this, it is main...
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Europe’s COVID-19 Battle - Supply & Recovery
3 Coronavirus Healthcare Trends That Are Here To Stay
Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, to varying degrees, medical resources have been strained. We ha...
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Do’s & Don’ts Of Wearing A Face Mask
Europe’s COVID-19 Battle: Supply & Recovery
Despite Coronavirus having originated around December 2019, many remained unprepared for what was to...
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What Makes COVID-19 Challenging Compared To Other Pandemics_
What Makes COVID-19 Challenging Compared With Other Pandemics?
When the first whispers of Coronavirus were heard back in December 2019, few of us could predict the...
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