7 Ways to Screenshot in Windows 10

To screenshot a portion of your screen, hold “Windows + Shift + http://driversol.com/drivers/fujitsu S”. Some PCs, just like mine, have their prt scrn buttons merged with another button. In this case, you might need to activate prt scrn using the function button. My HP ELITEBOOK has its prt scrn button merged with the right-sided shift button.

It’s got all the features you would expect including an option to capture part of the screen, and simple editing and annotating. We’ve highlighted a few different methods of how to take a screenshot on Windows 10 using different built-in options and snipping tools. Basically, pressing the keys mentioned above take the screenshot of your screen/window. It is copied in the computer’s memory but isn’t saved in a picture form, yet. Follow the steps given below in order to save the screenshot in an actual jpeg or png image that you can share to someone. Notice that the image above is a screen shot of the entire screen at the time of the key press.

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  • This is perfect if there’s a very specific moment that might be difficult to otherwise capture.
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If you don’t want your screenshot to have any border at all, uncheck the box for Show selection ink after snips area captured. This will remove any border from all your future snips. Click on the active window you want to capture an image of. It should be in front of all the other open windows on your screen. Once the Paint program is open, you’ll see a blank canvass where you can do your editing.

Fix – This app can’t run on your PC for Windows 10 AMD

On the overlay menu, click the camera icon to capture a full-screen screenshot. You can also record a video clip by pressing the record button, with the option to include audio by clicking the microphone icon. To capture only the active window you’re working in, press Alt + PrtScn. In Windows 10, the screenshot will be copied to your clipboard.

We also have a page for screenreader-friendly

Select an image type from the “Save As Type” menu. The default file type is PNG, but you can choose any other file type you wish. This copies a screenshot of the selected window to your clipboard.The text on the key may vary by keyboard.